Tom subjects and choosing to undertake a physics

Tom Osborne

Court, Pershore Road

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Birmingham, B57QF


[email protected]


Analyst – Phoenix Group (Reference – 2924).


Your job
advert has caught my attention and sounds like an exciting opportunity. I feel
I would be an ideal fit for the role you are offering for the following

As you will
see on my CV, I am currently completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics
and therefore have academic based analysis experience, coming from both
practical and non-practical based studies. I have developed appropriate
analytical skills over the past few years and feel that processing and
providing analysis to businesses will come as second nature. Also, I am a
diligent and thorough character and can work effectively as both a team and as
an individual as I have excellent communication skills, stemming from many
years of playing sport and working as a team in employment. For example,
working in stressful conditions with a catering business for a year forced me
to become a constructive and efficient team member. I feel these skills will be
a huge help when working with clients as I can build solid relationships and
produce high quality work.

The skills
that you are looking for I can certainly offer; I am a great team player,
communicator and listener. I am always honest and open and have high emotional
intelligence which I find is an asset in any teamwork. I feel that succeeding
in mathematical based subjects and choosing to undertake a physics degree means
I have good problem-solving skills and think in a mathematical way. As well as
this, I am resilient and determined and find that these skills push to find the
best outcomes in all situations.

This role is
particularly exciting to me due to the opportunity to develop skills and apply
my analytical skills gained over the years to a real-world environment.

Thank you
for taking the time to consider my application. I truly believe I am a great
fit for your role and would appreciate the opportunity to meet for an


Tom Osborne