Chapter how more exposure to the representations of


one explored how over the years the representation of sex through films became
increasingly more explicit, and more accepted. Chapter two will investigate the
cultural and social changes which occurred from the (1960s?), introducing the a more sexualised
culture. It will demonstrate what changes influenced the acceptance of a ‘pornified
culture’ (Gail Dines,
Pornland) Focusing on key thinkers Brian McNair and anti-porn feminist Gail
Dines, this chapter will look at their works Pornland (Gail Dines, 2014) and Porno?
Chic! How Pornography changed the world and made it a better place (Brian
McNairs, 2013)

rise of pornography influenced its interception into mainstream however, in a
softcore manner. This chapter aims to demonstrate how more exposure to the
representations of sex through the genre of pornography have influenced public
opinions and social changes. It will recognise how the anti-pornography
feminist movement

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