Among that GDP is not the best indicator.

   Among economists, it has long been the
opinion that GDP is not the best indicator. He does not consider changes in
welfare, does not allow to compare the level of well-being in different

GDP does not tell you about what happens to the typical
citizen and this is common problem

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   A development
rate of 8% would infer
that India is creating
8% more products
and administrations
than the final
year. Conceptually, this expanded
yield must
go someplace
– either traded or devoured
inside the nation. Trades
are declining for over a year and half and family
has not moved much. On
the off chance that despite
declining trades
and steady
India is creating
more, there ought to
be an increment
in capital consumption
and utilization
of inputs like labor, power
and credit etc. Private capex and capacity utilization is at a five-year moo. Investment
funds rate, both government and private have fallen flagging a diminishment in ventures. Mechanical
power utilization
has not expanded.
Capacity utilization among existing control plants is floating around 63%. Credit development is stagnant as
well with the later
driven by a spurt brief
term commercial paper rates, not expanded financial
Formal work
has not expanded.
Consequently, there has been no increment
in mechanical
inputs either. With moo credit development, stagnant power utilization and moo capacity utilization,
GDP development of 8 percent would
suggest that the industry has made generation effectiveness picks up never some
time recently seen for any major mechanical economy, that Indian industry is utilizing the less labor, capital and power that some time recently to
create 8.1 more merchandise and administrations. It is not troublesome to infer
that this is not inside the domain of plausibility. Let’s expect for the time
being that India has undoubtedly accomplished this ‘impossibility’.